Friday, December 2, 2011

Friday night links + A breezy weekend

I've been watching way too much TV.

"Hey Girl." The Ryan Gosling craze is so silly, but I might be a supporter of it. He's adorable. (via Apartment Therapy)

I watched 50/50 a couple days ago and thought it was cute the whole way through. Here's a link for the movie, but erm... don't profit off it and all that. (via Ufliq)

L.A. Hotspots. Entering a bar through a wardrobe seems nifty. (via Refinery29)

Speaking as someone who likes to spend a looong time wrapping presents, I'd say this looks like a lot of effort. Still, it's beautiful, and now I really want to make some poppy gift toppers. (via Creature Comforts)

Also, DIY candy lights! Why are people so creative? (via Oh Happy Day!)

Another Community that is both sweet and streets ahead. I'd stock my fridge with Eugenio's Four-Cheese Pizza if we could all have #sixseasonsandamovie. (You can watch it on Hulu!)

I don't watch The Sing-Off regularly, but I had the chance to go to the taping for the finale earlier this week, and this song has been stuck in my head ever since:
The wind knocked a branch down and broke our trellis, but I've been enjoying the wind anyway. Hope you have a breezy one!

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