Tuesday, December 13, 2011

2011 Pretty Presents + For the host/ess

Give something to your host/esses this year to show them how much you appreciate their efforts. It's a busy month with all the holiday bashes they'll be throwing.
See #6.

Something for them to unwind and de-stress before that next big soiree.
via Arch Daily
Where: Your favorite spa
Price: I recommend getting at least a $100 gift certificate if you choose to buy one. Otherwise, they'll be paying for half the gift themselves.
Alternatives: Throw a spa party to return the favor.

Help them keep the guests happy with this foosball table.
Where: Amazon
Price: $174.49
Alternatives: This tabletop one is much cheaper.

This is gorgeous.
Where: A+R Store
Price: $140
Alternatives: You can move on to this after or just get a self-watering planter if fish aren't for you.

Hosts usually take great pride in their homes, and this Chickadee smoke detector is sure to have them cooing (did I already use that joke?) away.
Price: $66 (shipping varies)
Alternatives: Replace more unattractive household appliances with this cool-looking outlet.

Okay, this one might just be because I like cups and mugs (as you can see). But it's so pretty!
Where: Shop Modi
Price: $16 (+ $6 shipping)

Show her that you know she's much more than just a good cook with these jeweled earrings.
Price: $38
Alternatives: More options here.

Felted soap to keep your guests clean and entertained.
Where: Etsy
Price: $18 (+ $3 shipping)
Alternatives: More designs here.

I love tearing the perforated edges of paper towels, and I can't be the only one. I wonder how tearing these fancy cotton napkins would be like. My hands are tingly just thinking about it.
Where: A+R Store
Price: $28 (+ $9 shipping)
Alternatives: These are some napkins you can personalize.

I hate to say it, but in this day and age, calendars are becoming a little...unnecessary. We have everything on our computers and phones, and they give out plenty of free ones at banks/stores. If we like to write things down, we usually turn to a sensible-looking planner. But calendars are becoming more creative every year, so I always end up getting one anyway. I like this calendar because there's also a drawn recipe each month!
Where: They Draw and Cook (Check out the rest of their recipes too. They're adorable.)
Price: $16 (+ $6 shipping)
Alternatives: There's also the Bubble-wrap calendar and plenty of more on Etsy. If you just want calendars for their pictures, I would buy them a couple months after the new year. They go from $20 to $1.

Nikki McClure's beautiful paper-cuts. I have a print of hers on my wall!
Next up: a gift guide to keep even the biggest spenders busy. ☺

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