Friday, December 16, 2011

2011 Pretty Presents + From the procrastinator

You're 30 minutes late for that holiday party, and your hands are EMPTY. But it's okay. You've mastered this last-minute stuff by now.
by Bill Watterson via Pinterest

Swing by any grocery store, corner market, etc., and grab a bottle of champagne because everybody loves the bubbly. Plus, extra points for being festive.
via Pinterest
Where: Anywhere!
Price: $10 - $200 (It depends on how much guilt you have.)
Alternatives: Wine/beer/cider.

You don't have anything for your pen-pal, and it's Christmas the next day. Get him or her an Amazon gift card because they can get it instantly when you email it or post it on his/her Facebook wall so the whole world knows what a sweetheart you are.
via Pinterest
Where: Amazon
Price: Up to you.
Alternatives: Big sites like Ebay also provide certificates you can use on the spot.

We can't be friends if you can't enjoy the happiness that is cake. How cool is this one below?
via Pinterest

Where: Your local bakery
Price: Who cares? You're already late!
Alternatives: They ran out, huh? Holiday donuts it is!

I was hoping I would come up with more creative presents, but this was more difficult than I thought...and I kinda waited until the last minute to make this list. Check out this helpful list from Gawker.

via Gawker

Tip: Gift-wrap items like gift bags and tissue paper, ribbons and bows, and fancy boxes give your present more polish and pizzazz. The best part is that it takes less than a minute to put together.

Up next, my very last gift guide of the year!

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