Monday, December 12, 2011

2011 Pretty Presents + For the lovers

The best gift is diamonds love, of course. But for those who like a little extra something something without breaking the bank, take a look at these options.
via Etsy

I find this so awesome. A duel between lovers for...spare change? There's no motivation like competition to save up for whatever you lovebirds are chirping (sorry) about.
Where: Charles&Marie
Price: $38.33
Alternatives: I haven't found any other piggy banks for two, but there are alternative uses for it. A serious battle between roommates maybe. Or siblings! Winner takes all...the quarters.

His and hers skincare sets to look all the more attractive for each other. They come every month like a magazine subscription for three, six, or twelve months.

Where: Birchbox
Price: $10 a month
Alternatives: The man version is sold out (of course it is), so you might have to get your guy a temporary tattoo subscription from Tattly's instead.

Speaking of temporary, the opposite is forever...which is scary. That's why these decals are perfect for the commitment-phobes who want to decorate their place together. You have something nice, pretty, and removable.
Where: Blik
Price: $39
Alternatives: I love this for a more urbane setting, but there are plenty of options on Blik and lots more on Etsy that are cheaper! 

But when you are ready for that first big commitment (I'm talking baby-serious), then make sure your puppy or kitten is living in style with this adorable teepee.
Where: Modcloth
Price: $24.99
Alternatives: This much fancier one from Etsy.

You know what's guaranteed to make your lovers' eyes light up?
via Pinterest

Tickets to support their favorite sports team.
Where: NBA Tickets
Price: A pretty penny
Alternatives: Concert tickets.

via Blik
Next up, something for your wonderful holiday host/esses!

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