Friday, December 9, 2011

Friday Night Links + A warm weekend

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This is funny because it's true. (via Society6)

This is sad because it's true. (via Etsy)

This isn't true (hopefully), but it's a little funny and sad. (via Etsy)

How to Google more specifically. This might be old, but it's new to me. (via The Frogman)

Obviously not NBA's best year. (via USA Today)

There are tons of gift guides out there right now. I like each of these for different reasons.

I read a not-very-serious article a while back about how J.Crew is the epitome of mid-brow. It explained that everyone is free to love the brand since it's disguised as part of high-brow culture. Considering how everyone I know would be more than happy to receive a gift bought at J.Crew, I'd say that's a pretty accurate statement. Still, there's nothing wrong with that, is there? This outfit and this guy are delicious. (via J.Crew Gift Guide)

Design Sponge's posts are always beautiful, and I love how they arrange the pictures (something I need to learn how to do!) Check out their gift guides, if only for the pretty. (via DesignSponge)

Okay, I'll admit that I probably wouldn't buy any of the items listed in here, but the way Joanna Goddard writes is just so darn relatable. (via A CUP OF JO)

I'll be finishing up my own gift guides next week. Wherever you are, have a warm weekend!

via We Heart It

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