Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Wednesday wishes + Life of a dolphin

...who comes up with this stuff?
via SeaBreacher
Their latest one is a shark. Of course it is.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Pop culture + Knowing that feel

Hilarious and witty drawings from tumblr Paperbeatsscissors. Here are a few several of my favorites. Can you name all the characters?

Imaginary friends
Expendable minions
Orphaned heroes
Lost their precious
Looking for a heart
Living in itty bitty places
via Paperbeatsscissors

Friday, March 23, 2012

Friday night links + A joyous weekend

via Etsy
I'm running out of adjectives to describe a weekend.

These pictures of ants acting like humans are admittedly staged by the the photographer, but haven't been photo-shopped...real or not real? (via Lensart)

What a great application letter. (via everyday's a weekend)

Custom made jeans for $200+ in LA. (via den.m bar)

Starbucks will soon be serving beer + wine. (via Racked LA)

I wouldn't say these are the ten best authors of children's literature, but they are pretty darn awesome. (via Flavorwire)

By mimicking nature, a single robot fish can now lead a whole school of real fish. Scientists and engineers hope to use these robots to steer large groups of fish (and other animals) away from environmental disasters. Technology is so amazing, life-changing, and also, more than a little frightening. (via Science Daily)

I'm keeping this one short and sweet. Hopefully, Wisconsin is being good to me, and you're having a wonderful time wherever you are as well. Have a good one.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Wednesday wishes + Tents in the air II

Last week's tent is clearly part of the training required for camping in these. I...would not be doing any jumping around here.
via EMAC

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Miles + Miles

I am about to embark on a law school visiting expedition. Starting from this Wednesday night, I'm heading pretty much straight from work to the airport to visit Wisconsin and will get back just in time for Monday. Following that, I plan to visit San Diego, go back to work, and then head over to Boston and New York for more law-related festivities. I'm also going to have to fit in watching The Hunger Games somewhere in all of this because you know...I've always been big on managing my priorities. It's going to be a tiring two weeks, but I'm excited to explore new places, eats lots of cheese and lobster (maybe not together), and visit/crash at my long-suffering cousins' and friends' places.
via Pretty Peach Peonies
As a result, the posts these couple of weeks might be on the skimpy side, but I'll try to write ahead of time. Focusing on Wisconsin, I'm planning on visiting the lakes, state parks and gardens, breweries and pubs, local shops, dairy farms, and of course, the school. I hope it goes well, and I'll have lots to update you on!

Monday, March 19, 2012

Friday, March 16, 2012

Friday night links + A lucky weekend

via Two Peas and Their Pod

Karl Lagerfeld's life as described by Karl Lagerfeld. His lifestyle is so strange and lonely to me, but I guess that's why I'm not an eccentric fashion designer. (via Harper's Bazaar)

Raising awareness and lobbying for government intervention about atrocities in the Nuba Mountains of Sudan. (via CNN Blogs)

Autobiography in Five Short Chapters. (via swiss-miss)

This swan bag. (via Oh Happy Day)

These bags look like 2D comic-book drawings. I thought they were fake at first. (via Jump from Paper)

BAGGU has bright, new colors for their clutches/pouches. I must have them. (via BAGGU)

For those who are interested, the 2012-13 law school rankings are here! To clarify, everyone dislikes the system, but no one really knows how to change it. (via US News and World Report)

Celebrities and their stylists. (via The Hollywood Reporter)

I love getting store catalogs in the mail, especially this month's Anthropologie. (via Anthropologie)

Gorgeous and delicious-looking dish as usual. (via Just One Cookbook)

YOU can be the owner of the "Nation's Smallest Town", also known as Buford, Wyoming. It'll be auctioned off on April 5, 2012 and the opening bid is $100,000. Why am I tempted? (via Williams & Williams)

It's St. Patrick's day this Saturday! As always, have a good one.
via Pinterest

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Friendship + Pacts

via pretty peach peonies
A buddy and I have come up with an agreement (mentioned earlier) to slow our expanding waist-lines and keep resolutions. We have to stick to a specific exercise plan each week or be forced to pay for each missed mile. Basically, it's this pact, but without the gym and iPhone. Because finishing a gallon of ice cream is normally my kind of marathon, I've been very grateful to have such a good friend keep me on track. I find that the competition aspect as well as the idea of commitment really keeps me running. To ensure that the pact actually does what it's supposed to, we have some ground rules:
  • Our exercise plans must be completed by Sunday every week.
  • No rollovers.
  • No canceling each other out (unfortunately).
  • Find creative methods to pay each like buying lottery tickets (we're going halfsies when we win).
  • Illness is the only valid excuse we'll accept for not finishing our miles.
It's been working out pretty well so far, and I hope we stick with it for at least a year. Have a good Thursday everyone, and be careful; it's the Ides of March ☺.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Wednesday wishes + Tents in the air

I can see myself jumping around and breaking the tent, but the thought of falling would not stop me from camping in this should the opportunity ever arise. It just looks like too much fun.
via Tentstile

Snow walks + Exercise

Artist Simon Beck walks for hours to create these beautiful images in the snow. The reason?
For exercise.
via My Modern Met

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Cat + Mouse

This ring is a little chunky for me, especially compared to those skull bracelets a post down, but I couldn't resist that mouse.

via Etsy

Monday, March 12, 2012

Skully + Feminine

via iLD
These bracelets are such great blends of delicate and edgy. I'm not normally a fan of skulls, but I love how it looks paired with such an understated chain.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Friday night links + A fantastic weekend

via The Atlantic

This is awesome. And pretty. And creative. (via Griottes)

Kitty day spas. (via Lustik)

I want this more than last Friday's bike planter. Step #1 is still getting a bike. (via A CUP OF JO)

More Community fan-art. This time, they're drawn as Charlie Brown characters. (via CinemaBlend)

If you have time, Black Tomato is offering a 32 island tour of Mozambique. (via Black Tomato)

Butterfly beer cans. (via My Modern Met)

Literature for babies. (via Babble)
via The Atlantic
These pictures are two of 50 finalists for Smithsonian's annual photo contest. Have a fantastic weekend!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Wednesday wishes + Glass arrows

WANT. so much.
These arrows are so beautiful. I would love to have a big one hanging on my wall.
The diamond is awesome too.

Found via Design*Sponge.

Books + Weapons of mass instruction

What a clever way to enforce knowledge.
via Arma De Instruccion Masiva

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Freebies + Deals

Unknown source
Just a few freebies I really like and don't want you to miss out on:

via Sephora
On your birthday, Sephora will give you a nice mini-set if you sign up on its website. This year, the gift is a Sugar lip duo. Guys get lotion.

via His and Hers DIY
If you register a gift card, Starbucks will send you a swanky-looking postcard which entitles you to any drink (any size) at their store.

via The Markoff Group
Twitter is also a great way to get awesome deals and freebies. Sprinkles, for example, is well-known for tweeting a password everyday. Usually, the first 50 or so people to whisper the password at the bakery will get a free cupcake. Also, did you know they're opening a cupcake ATM? I'm not a big fan, but I will wait in line and buy a $4 cupcake just so I can try the machine. I know, I know. I'm every commercial's target audience.

Finally, Gilt City is a great way to see free movies before they're even released. Sometimes, they even provide drinks and appetizers! The only catch is that you have to RSVP as quickly as possible before space runs out. There's usually a screening every few weeks and the cities the rewards are available in include San Francisco, New York, Boston, Los Angeles, DC, Chicago, and Miami. I'm watching Friends with Kids this week at the Grove. Doesn't it look fun?

And there you have it ☺.

Monday, March 5, 2012

It's cake + ice-cream day

via pop-bar
It's my birthday today! But my age will remain a secret. Shhh.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Friday night links + A wild weekend

via The Fancy (Click here for panoramic views.)

As this person astutely pointed out, MIT's free classes for anyone will have their first course beginning March 5th. However, "[i]n order to succeed in this course, you must have taken an AP level physics course in electricity and magnetism." I guess that means I'll wait for the next one. Good luck to anyone who wants to take it! (via MITx)

In the meantime...edible spray paint. (via The Deli Garage)

LACMA will soon have a levitating 240 ton boulder. This is where it will reside. (via LA Curbed)

Topshop is coming to the Grove. (via LA Racked)

I want this bike planter! Step #1: Get a bike. (via Etsy)

Oh GOOP, you are the worst. But I'm still envious that José Andrés will just drop by and cook for her. (via goop)

This light. (via Established & Sons)

Have a good one!

Honey badgers + Cocktails

It's finally Friday, and you know what that means.
Ingredients available via Buzzfeed
Consider the Honey Badger cocktail, which is the best possible name for anything. In case you're not familiar with honey badgers, this infamous Cracked article will tell you everything you need to know.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Dinosaur-riding + Future family heirlooms

HAHAHAHA...I'm not over my dinosaur phase yet.

A mammoth for those who want to be unique.
These are a steal for only $49.95 (don't do it.)!