Friday, December 2, 2011

2011 Pretty Presents + For the nerds now that the culture is part of the Zeitgeist

"We've gotta throw some cold water on this situation. Start talking about nerd stuff!"

"Yes, that's perfect! Just like that. Be incredibly boring."

I don't know what a real nerd is anymore, but I'm pretty sure the items on this list can be enjoyed by someone you know.

For your friend who wants to at least look the part. I might have confused nerd with hipster. More seriously, I think this would make a great stocking stuffer for someone who wants to try out these frames before purchasing a more expensive pair, for a costume, or just for fun.

Where: Amazon
Price: $3.11
Alternatives: There are plenty of other models you can purchase or you can get the real thing here.

If you had the ability to time travel, would you?
Where: Amazon
Price: $29.85
Alternatives: Why not cookies?

Chess and Super Mario. That's two geeky subjects in one gift.
Where: ThinkGeek
Price: $39.99
Alternatives: This chess set made out of ice, so that you won't have to hear "I'm thinking!" for the millionth time.

Know a Star Wars fan?

Where: ThinkGeek
Price: $11.99
Alternatives: Soylent Green crackers, Ghostbusters marshmallows, Blood and Mana energy drinks,

Get your buddies their favorite TV shows on DVDs, and they'll be thanking you whenever their eyes aren't glued to the screen.

Where: Everywhere
Price: Varied
Alternatives: Which brings me to..

Books! A true nerd will already have the books s/he loves, but maybe you can get him or her another novel written by a favorite author or a fancy boxed collection.
I'm kidding. Get this one.
Where: Also everywhere
Price: Varied
Alternatives: A personalized book where the company will substitute a favorite character with your recipient's name. Also, help your friend prove that being smart and stylish aren't mutually exclusive with this book lamp.

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