Tuesday, December 6, 2011

2011 Pretty Presents + For the eternal child

Because honestly, everyone is one from time to time.  

Come on. You would laugh if someone whipped this out in front of you and started sipping.

Where: Stupid.com
Price: $14.49
Alternatives: See below.

This seems helpful.
Where: Stupid.com
Price: $15.95
Alternatives: More toilet-humor related items here.

This isn't so much stupid as it is cute.
Where: Stupid.com
Price: $15.95
Alternatives: These or these.

These rabbit pillows are cute and chic. For adults who like plushies.
Where: Charles&Marie
Price: $64.31
Alternatives: These.

Guaranteed to induce a huge "D'awww".
Where: Modcloth
Price: $21.99
Alternatives: This isn't really an alternative, but I wanted to share these videos. Have you heard of Mameshiba? Watch the clips! They're cute and silly (and oddly educational).

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