Monday, December 5, 2011

2011 Pretty Presents + For the thirsty

Now that the fatties have been taken care of, it's time for those who like to drink their calories. ;)
via Wedding Chicks

Wine decanters are always cool, this one literally.

Where: Uncommon Goods
Price: $58 (+ $6.95 shipping)
Alternatives: This gorgeous option.

I've had several Anthropologie glasses over the years, and people always gush over them. Looking at these new ones, I can see why.
Where: Anthropologie
Price: $32
Alternatives: Something to time how long it'll take you finish your wine from Uncommon Goods.

If wine is not your thing, you can have fun making beer instead

Where: Uncommon Goods
Price: $40 (+ $5.95 shipping)
Alternatives: A cheaper one here.

Taz Ah mugs have been available for a while now, but that doesn't make them any less fun to have. I love how these mugs are both classy and playful.
Where: Theo
Price: $18.75 (shipping varies)
Alternatives: Crinkled cup, milk cup, and suprise mug.

A big, fat, bubbled drink dispenser.

Where: Anthropologie
Price: $298
Alternatives: Anthropologie can definitely get pricey. This one is nice too for more than 3x less.

This hand-painted teapot is precious. I would use it everyday.
Where: BOshop Etsy
Price: $34.30 (+ $2.47 shipping)
Alternatives: This cheery yellow one.

Who doesn't love Babushkas?
Where: Charles&Marie
Price: $25.47 (shipping varies)
Alternatives: Might as well complete the set.

via yevgenia

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