Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Wednesday wishes + Disneyland secret passwords

We're going to the happiest place on Earth today!
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For free, of course. I still think it's ridiculously over-priced. As you can tell, I'm not the biggest Disney fan, but I have to admit that I appreciate the theme park more now than I did growing up. Maybe (probably) it was because I was spoiled, but I much preferred traveling to distant lands or even riding the faster rides at Six Flags to sitting on a "boring" ride at Small World. Last year, I went back for the first time in years and finally recognized the quality that is unique to Disneyland. As I sat watching The World of Color, I understood why the place is so famous and loved by many. This quality is prevalent in everything from its performances to its movies to its merchandise. It's also seen in its carefully crafted attractions and its hidden Mickeys scattered throughout the theme park.
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This brings me to the hidden passwords that you can use to cut the long lines and go in through the back of popular attractions. I talked with a Disney Foamer recently (as always, I mean that in the best possible way), and she shared that passwords are posted on the Disneyland website periodically. For example, the password of the day might be "Yo Ho" on one of the webpages. Once muttered to an attendant at the exit sign of the corresponding ride, you can be the annoying person that makes everyone else wait a little longer. I want to be that annoying person. I've been looking on the website for the past five minutes and haven't seen anything, but I'll be lurking around the exits today hoping to catch a phrase or two. I'll update this post if it works! *Update: The lines were too short to indulge in this pw time!
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