Friday, December 23, 2011

Friday night links + A heartwarming weekend

Champagne and popsicles. I want to go (to) there sometime this weekend. via Pinterest

In case you missed it, here's a list of my gift guides.

If these weren't sold out, I would have included the Honest Boy Pencil Sharpener and Rebecca Minkoff Zipped-up Earphones somewhere.

And if I wasn't too lazy to update my nerd guide, I would have included the zombie doorstopAngry Birds gummies, and Hunger Games cookbook.

A list of gift-wrapping ideas. She also has some pretty-looking gift tags you can print out, and recipes for edible gifts. (via Creature Comforts)

Speaking of creative goodness, someone make me this Kit Kat bar. (via 9gag)

While you're at it, make me this too. (via Just One Cookbook)

This is smart. And it might just convince me to start taking the Metro. (via The Source)

They're sometimes annoying, but I usually find myself chuckling at the memes people come up with. Some of this year's best. (via Huffington Post)

I want to read this book now. (via Lainey Gossip)

More lists! Here's one of animals. Enough said. (via Buzzfeed)

A high school's gross attempt at a prank involves kids making out with their parents. (The disturbing part is that the parents are in on it.) I don't consider myself a prude and would be fine with a light peck, but some of these moms and dads are agressive. This is wrong, people. (via Gawker)

And to balance that out, take a look CaptunaAmerica and Tony Shark. You read correctly. (via Tofu Matador)

My friend is talented. Check out her bassoon quartet's latest video!

What are you up to this holiday weekend? If you don't celebrate Christmas, is it frustrating that almost everything is closed? Regardless of what you end up doing, I hope you have a heartwarming, holiday weekend with friends and family .

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