Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Leap + Year

A few notes about leap year:
  • Leap year happens every four years to keep Earth's revolutions around the sun aligned with the Gregorian Calendar.
  • According to an old Irish legend, women are allowed to propose to men today. Remember that terrible movie a couple years back? It's okay, I watched it for Mathew Goode in the fisherman sweater too.
  • There are a number of deals to look out for today including cheaper airline flights and hotels, food/drink specials, and more. If you're near a Chick-fil-A, please enjoy those free chick-n-minis for me.

via Susanna Hertrich
I say this a lot, but where does the time go? Can you believe spring is almost here? A couple days ago, I got a magazine in the mail advertising swimsuits which amazes me because it feels like New Year's was just yesterday.

Speaking of which, how are everyone's resolutions? I actually made a vision board (I know), even though I caught an episode of Happy Endings recently and found it more banal than before. I've been trying a lot of new places (at the expense of my wallet) and well, I'm still working on my posture. MITx hasn't started classes yet, but I'll keep you updated on that. And my resolution to get fit is slowly, but steadily progressing thanks to a pact a friend and I made. Details on that later.

Have a happy leap day!

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