Friday, February 24, 2012

Friday night links + An award-winning weekend

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This could be useful. Send a private message like password information or a love letter with a unique URL that will be deleted once someone visits it. (via OneShar)

Banana cream puffs. (via The Food Pusher)

Modern titles for famous books. (via Chip Zdarsky)

Ten trends from NYFW. (via Refinery29)

I washed some lip balm with a coat last week -oops- and am now paying much closer attention to how I sort my laundry. Mrs. Lilien has some great tips, all while rhyming with some quips. (via Mrs. Lilien)

The makers of Snickers will stop selling king-size candy bars by the end of next year. You win this time, health. (via Reuters)

How Americans lost their British accents. (via mental_floss)

The Oscars are this weekend! I know I'm in the minority here...but I actually enjoy watching award shows. Yes, I know they're long and boring, but I like seeing how those brand-name stars mingle in their fancy dresses and how they react to winning or losing after such long campaigns. Besides listening to a great speech, I also like to hear the order in which people are thanked. The first thanks used to always be for God, but then they switched their priorities to moms, and now it's the academy they make sure to give a shout out to. Is that interesting to only me?
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...Have a good one .


  1. I'm looking forward to watching the Oscars too! OMG that video is hilarious!

    1. I'm glad I'm not the only one who likes award shows! Did your favorites win?