Friday, February 10, 2012

Friday night links + A lovely weekend

Artic char gravlax at Spago
How will you be celebrating the infamous Valentine's holiday? Dinner by candle-light? Cheery picnic? Romantic movie? Will you be busy at work or in school? I' going to a tea party...Here are a few more options!

How the 1% spend Valentine's in Los Angeles. (via Refinery29)

Pizza Hut is offering a romantic package for only $10,010. It includes a ruby ring, fireworks, flowers, limo service, pictures, videos, and of course, a delicious pizza pie. What a deal. (via Pizza Hut)

If that's a little too traditional for you, Petit Ermitage is offering a package for $595...for threesomes. I kid you not. (via Petit Ermitage)

A creative, handmade Scrabble Gram anyone can make. (via Oh Happy Day)

And if you're looking to put in a little more effort, this amazing-looking Nama Chocolate would make a wonderful gift. Or a nice dessert. Or midnight snack. (via Just One Cookbook)

Linsanity's cute and nerdy handshake. (via Youtube)

I died too. (via everyday's a weekend)

Puppy Conan! (via Team Coco)

I have been eating out way too much and am going to have to start packing my lunch at the very least. But I wanted to post a quick review of notable places I visited these past few weeks.

Spago was the epitome of class. The service was attentive, but not overbearing. The decor was quiet and refined. And most importantly, the food was delicious.

Little Next Door, on the other hand, was a terrible experience. I had friends drive over an hour for that mess. This sums up our night.

Finally, I went to a screening of This Means War at the Grove last night (not very good, but a few laughs), and they offered free appetizers and drinks at The Farm of Beverly Hills beforehand. The service was great, and the food was great. It's a small, chic place that I definitely plan on visiting again. We could've ended it there as a free night out, but of course, we decided to cross something off our restaurant list by visiting Red Medicine. I felt like I enjoyed the food more than my friend and found each dish to be well-done and very pretty to look at (I am such a sucker). The drinks were weak, and everything was over-priced, but I want to go again anyway. I guess I haven't learned my lesson yet.

Whatever you're doing this weekend, whether it's a night out or a night in, have a lovely one ♥.
Bitter chocolate at Red Medicine

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