Tuesday, January 17, 2012

New + Newer

Resolution #4: Cut back on the old and try the new.
Embarking on a new adventure is like unwrapping a present, no? via Hellovina

Trying new things has never been a problem for me, but I definitely want to up my game this year. Now that we have technology at our fingertips, looking up a novel place has never been easier. I don't want to visit the same old fast-food joint for the sake of convenience or do the same old things just because it's familiar. I want to develop new hobbies and try different activities. I want to meet new people and visit unexplored grounds.

Even if the subject at hand is as simple as a restaurant, I would rather try one I haven't been to before. I know I've already mentioned this place, but La Descarga sounds so interesting to me. Entering a bar thru a wardrobe? It's like a grown-up Narnia. Plus, Brangelina has graced the dance floor with their moves. What other shallow reason do I need?

And since I've been taking way to long on these resolutions, I'll include my last one too.

Resolution #5: Better posture! So I can look more confident, burn more calories, and act less like a turtle. Win win win.
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