Monday, February 27, 2012

Oscars + A few more golden statues to give

Overall, I enjoyed watching the Oscars even if it was safe and predictable. Some people were complaining about how Billy Crystal didn't have anything new or exciting planned, but I don't see how this came as a surprise. I do wish a few of these actors and movies below had received something as well.
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Both Seth Myers and Kristen Wiig are such funny, talented people, and they're gorgeous in this shoot. I'm sad she didn't win anything last night, but judging from all the projects she has lined up, I'm sure she'll be at award shows again.

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I haven't seen The Artist yet, but I'm a little disappointed that both these guys' and Gary Oldman's movies didn't get more love from the Oscars (except when The Descendants' won for adapted screenplay--Jim Rash!). Also, where did the Clooney/Pitt bromance go? I miss it!
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And finally, I cannot believe that Transformers had more nominations than Drive. I don't even...

But what did everyone else think? I thought the Cirque du Soleil performance was fun, if a little random. Meryl Streep and Christopher Plummer had the best speeches. Fav dresses were Jessica Chastain's and Octavia Spencer's!

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