Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The difference between confidence + arrogance

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Resolution #2: Work out. Flaunt it. Repeat.

I rolled my eyes when I read this. This buys into the idea that Manic Dream Pixie Girls exist or that the Zooey Deschanels (sorry fans) of the world honestly don't know how pretty they are. I'm even going to have to call Tina Fey out on this (even though I will love her forever and ever). Do you really believe they don't know how attractive they are?


I'm sure anyone who was brought up normally (and we'll debate the definition of normal next time), is aware to a degree of how good-looking he or she is. Besides, this doesn't address the ugly girls who are unaware of just how disgusting they are, or the gorgeous girls who don't show it all off. But now I'm just being nitpicky.

My point is that even though I understand this little saying is promoting the idea that we're all beautiful and that our soulmates will see that under layers of fat and acne, the truth is that most people have to work to be beautiful. And I don't necessarily mean plastic work. I mean working out, plucking those eyebrows, and getting clothes that fit. I mean eating right, going after what really interests us, and then embracing that some things about us just aren't going to change. In real life, confidence is hot.

What's wrong with flaunting what you've worked so hard for, as long as you stay humble and grateful? This is a very long way of saying that my resolution is to work out, stay fit, and be confident. It's on everyone's list, but it's on there for a reason. There will be setbacks, of course, and then there's the fact that I'm a lazy bum, but hey...I'm working on Resolution #1 too.
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