Monday, January 2, 2012

Smile + Believe in happy endings

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Resolution #1: Smile and believe in happy endings. Also, in vision boards.

So I'm going to try listing my resolutions a little differently. The resolutions themselves aren't all that creative, so I wanted to expand on them, and also recommend this show to you guys (because y'all know how much I love TV).

I'll start by saying that I suck hard at being positive. I admit I'm a cynic, which isn't a necessarily bad thing. However, being pessimistic does have its drawbacks. For one thing, I won't grab onto opportunities because I start focusing on the negative. For another, there are times I don't fully enjoy myself because I'm over-thinking the situation. This year, I'm going to think more positively and believe good things will happen. It's a full-proof plan.
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This brings me to vision boards, which Jane, a character in the sitcom Happy Endings fully endorses. The show's premise is like Friends or HIMYM in that we are shown the lives and loves of six friends navigating the streets of Chicago New York. There's Dave and Alex Ross and Rachel who are in an on/off relationship, Jane Monica, the neurotic perfectionist who's married to Brad Chandler, a man who enjoys his bubble baths, Max Joey, a man's man and great kisser, and Penny Phoebe, the weirdo. Max happens to be gay, Brad is African American, they make lots of 90's references, but it's pretty similar to Friends otherwise. As in... you can just leave it on, and watch it without having to put much thought into it. You can also watch it out of order so I would start with Season two. Sometimes, the characters are put in some pretty lame situations, but they make up for it with zippy one-liners and hilarious bits like wars on codes (building and health codes are fair game) or an indoor beach party.
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EW's review here. ABC link here. Hulu link here.
Give it a try while I go work on my vision board.

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