Monday, January 16, 2012

Lost time + Creativity continued

Apologies for not posting my customary links last week! I had friends visiting from Norcal on Friday and then the Bockfest to go to all day Saturday...and then discovered I needed Sunday to recover. I thought I'd post these links to end the creative theme, but hey, it's probably better to start the week off with some inspiration, right?
via Pretty Peach Peonies
This is such a clever idea. If you have an iPhone and gym membership, you can sign up to earn or lose money when you sign up with this company. Just set up a gym schedule, and make sure you go. It's a pretty big incentive to work out. (via Gym-pact)

Interactive poster for caffeine lovers. Too bad it's not for sale. (via Column Five)

"Creative" North Dakota Tourism poster. (via The Daily What)

30 Rock premiere was fun and surprisingly sweet. Also, Tina Fey reads DListed too! That makes me happier than it should. (via Elle)

Weekend activities in L.A....for the coming weekend. (via Refinery29)

Golden Globes winners/nominations. And more importantly, the dresses. My favorites were Charlize Thereon's, Angelina Jolie's, Emma Stone's, and Tilda Swinton's. (via Golden Globes)

The BabyCakes creator has really got her life in order. She sounds kinda amazing. (via Garance Doré

A better way to treat cancer? My cousin is part of the research team! (via Yahoo)

Sunshine pills! For those who need a little extra Vitamin D. (via Vaulot & Dyèvre)

Honoring MLK. (via CNN)
An underwater hiking trail --whaaat. via Pinterest

Let's have an amazing week, everyone!


  1. I think I need to have an Iphone now so I can join a gym and get rewarded for it! I wonder how many gyms have free wifi so my Ipod touch can suffice. Great link!

    1. Hopefully your ipod touch works! I would join you if I had an iphone...or gym membership.