Friday, January 27, 2012

Friday night links + A bright weekend

via The Fancy
More trees! Click here for pink and pinker ones. This scenic spot is photo-shopped sadly, but it'd be lovely to drive through regardless of the color.

Blackberrys, Apples, and Androids -- can't we all just get along? (via 9gag)

10 ways to start eating better. I hope cereal really isn't that bad or I'll end up like this Fat Tony the Tiger. (via Simple Organic)

How to troll someone who gives out too much information on Facebook. I would not mind subscribing to Cat Facts. (via reddit)

Picnik is closing in April :(. I've been shopping all my photos here. (via Picnik Blog)

In case you missed it, the highlights of the President's State of Union Address. I hope even a third of these priorities get worked on. (via NY Times)

The Oscar nominations. Do you see your favorites on the list? I'm sad Drive didn't get any love. (via Oscar)

Have a bright one☺.

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