Friday, January 6, 2012

Friday night links + A resolute weekend

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It's Friday already. How are you doing on those resolutions this first week into 2012?

Apparently our problem isn't lack of motivation. It's not following-through. Oh, oookay. That solves everything. What the author is saying does make sense though. It's helpful to clearly identify the issues we actually need to work on, and he also has some useful tips for overcoming said issues. (via Harvard Business Review)

A plate for those (*ahem* me) who want to get into shape. (via Fishs Eddy)

Speaking of getting into shape, what do you think about those juice cleansers? Is it a miracle or scam? I've always wanted to try, but it's pricey. I think I'll try juicing my own fruits and veggies first to see if I can handle it. Joanna Vargas shares the necessary ingredients. (via DailyCandy)

But I'll start the week after I attend this all-day beer fest...don't judge. It benefits the Children's Tumor Foundation! (via Google Offers)

Machines now make your sushi just the way you like. Necessary? Apparently in Beverly Hills. (via U-Sushi)

This is so cool. (via Japan Trend Shop)

This trailer for the Oscars is not nearly cool enough. (via Youtube)

A nice, little poem for you to read out loud. If you get the whole thing right, I'll give you a cookie. (via Buzzfeed)

What do "bedtime stories for children you hate" sound like? (via Amazon)

Hilarious. Facebook is so judge-y. (via likeapairofbottlerockets)

Jenny Holzer, Mom, is on twitter. Also hilarious. (via @JennyHolzerMom)

Zoya is offering two free bottles of nail polish just because. But shipping is $7. It's for US citizens only :( and ends 8:59PM tonight. (via Refinery29)

Franky (dressed in black) is a guide dog for his blind friend, Elly. She leans on him so he can lead her. You're killing me, guys. Picture of the BFFs below.
(via Daily Mail)
I'm going to enjoy a slice of chestnut cake tonight, but I'm going to burn it off with a run too. Have a resolute weekend, everyone!

P.S. I just got accepted into my first law school an hour ago! ♥ 

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