Monday, November 21, 2011

2011 Pretty Presents + For the party animal

This first post of around 10-15 guides will be for the friend that always fills the room with laughter, the sister with the craziest stories, that sad fellow hunched over the toilet, the college student that doesn't know any better, or even for the one staring at you in the mirror.
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The holidays are fast approaching; let's get started!

Any clubber knows how her feet feels by the end of the night. Help a sister out by getting her some comfy, foldable flats for that never-ending walk back.

Where: Fit in Clouds
Price: $19.95 -25.95 (+ $3 shipping)
Alternatives: Dr. Scholl's Flats (or in stores like Target)

Make-up! I'm sure you know what fits your friend best, but if you're in a hurry, I recommend NARS's Super Orgasm blush. Blush looks great on everyone, and everyone raves about this color for a reason.
Where: NARS (also every department store)
Price: $27
Alternatives: Where to begin?

If you get someone a magazine subscription, they'll be thinking of and thanking you every month. It's an affordable gift, and there are so many choices out there.
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Where: Vogue, LuckyWomen's Health, etc.
Price: Anywhere from $5-$50
Alternatives: A book. Online magazine subscriptions. Jordan Fenney from Oh Happy Day has some great tips on scoring cheap subscriptions from ebay.

A breathalyzer. Admit it. Wouldn't you love to get one? For the curious, you can finally figure out what your BAC level is. For the creative, imagine the number of games you can play with this. And for EVERYONE, this is a way to stay safe when it's time to drive home (or crash on the couch).

Where: Best Buy (also sites like Amazon)
Price: $149.99
Alternatives: The one above is the most popular on numerous sites. There are some for cheaper, but I wouldn't trust the ones that go for $9.99

One can never have too many dresses, especially when they don't break the bank. It's also a lazy way to look stylish for a festive party... because if you think about it, that's one less piece of clothing to put on.

Where: Nasty Gal
Price: $58 (+$8 shipping)
Alternatives: With dresses, there are always more choices, like this one from Miss Selfridge or Modcloth. There are so many options under $100 at stores like H&M, Zara (free shipping! and great packaging), the always dependable Asos, or if your friend doesn't mind, the thrift store.

Tip: If you're buying something online, take a few minutes to google for coupons or vouchers. It can save you anywhere from a couple of bucks to 50% off your purchase.

Up next: something sweet!

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