Friday, November 25, 2011

Black Friday night links + A thankful weekend

Teddy bear sunflowers via Design Sponge

What do you eat the day after Thanksgiving? You vs. Mr. Turkey: ROUND TWO.  (via DailyCandy)

When you find that really sexy dress for the holidays, but need help choosing the right undies to keep your bits from dangling. (via Refinery29)

Sipping Martinelli's Apple Cider every year at all the fancy parties. This describes the drink perfectly. (via Dlisted)

Tell me Bruce Willis, is it possible to be a badass and nice, family man at the same time? (via LaineyGossip)

I'm very tempted to buy this book. Very, very tempted. (via 9gag)

This makes me a little sad since I already bought some, but the flats from my party animal post is having a sale this weekend. Enter "November" in the summary tab during checkout for 40% off. (Info from Daily Candy)

The rest of the Flowers A-Z. (via Design Sponge)

I watched A King's Speech a couple days ago and have fallen in love with Colin Firth all over again. I'm definitely watching the Oldboy remake if he decides the play the villain. Can you imagine him as that incredibly brilliant and creepy character? That being said, I hope Hollywood properly credits the original filmmakers this time around. Infernal Affairs (which inspired The Departed) is one of my favorite movies of all time, and I was definitely annoyed when it was introduced as a Japanese film instead of a Chinese one at the Oscars. I know they're from the same continent, but no one really mixes up America and Mexico. It's offhand racism. Anyway, I'll get off my soapbox now. (via ScreenRant)

A heartwarming story of a cat and fig in 46 seconds. Also: this and this. (via Buzzfeed)

Next week, I'll be continuing with my gift guide, so look out for that! Have a great one, and thank you all for reading! It makes my day .
I hope you don't absolutely loathe hyacinths. via Design Sponge

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