Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Old + New

Let's talk thrift stores.  


I used to really hate the idea of it. Smelly, old clothes! Whose owners might be dead! From STDs I might catch!

But I've discovered that the benefits are tremendous, and my fears are unfounded. It's cheaper, since most items start at around two to three bucks. The quality of the clothes I end up buying is usually better than the new ones I purchase at lower-end retail chains. I also feel like my personal style (as it is) emerges when I'm shopping at a thrift store. Because there are so many different brands and styles, I can't rely on the store's image or use the mannequins as a crutch. As a result, some of my favorite articles of clothing are thrifted and have lasted me years. Plus, I learned that if I do run into the occasional smelly old jacket, I can just NOT buy it.

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There's also the idea that this is recycling at its finest. I once bought a brand-name, cashmere cardigan for six dollars. One of the buttons was missing, so I ended up replacing all of them with brighter-colored buttons. I felt both crafty (look at me sewing!) and proud since it felt like I had scored a deal. Another time, I bought a three dollar shirt that had been handmade and had obviously taken a lot of time. If we weren't finding these items, they would just end up at the landfill while we buy more mass-produced, cheaply-made clothes at the mall (not that it's EVER wrong to spend a day at the mall). When I'm tired of what I'm wearing, I can sell or donate it, so that someone can take just as much joy in finding a new outfit.

Some of the more well-known thrift/ resale stores in the LA area include Goodwill, Salvation Army, Buffalo Exchange, Crossroads Trading Co., Wasteland, and any flea markets you might see pop up.

Habitual jeans

I scored these jeans at the Wasteland on Melrose yesterday, and they look new! I'm excited to wear them, especially since it only cost me $15. I feel like I'm saving money. My friend, on the other hand, spent well over $500 at the same store...so I guess you can scratch what I just said about thrift store shopping.

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