Monday, November 7, 2011

Childhood + Books

Happy Monday! How did that extra hour feel? :)
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When I was younger, I didn't fully enjoy children's books. I'm talking about those picture books meant to keep us quiet when our parents were busy. Or the ones used to nurture our education. Whichever. The stories felt too simple and easily resolved for me. Now that I'm a little older, I realize how wonderful they are and how even the simplest stories have so much heart. Plus, the pictures are gorgeous.
Remember Corduroy, the story of the teddy bear with a missing button?
You'll probably recognize Where the Sidewalk Ends, written by Shel Silverstein, who also wrote the very famous Giving Tree.

There was that freeloader in If You Give a Mouse a Cookie.
And poor Stellaluna who is forced to act like a bird. Don't some bats eat birds?
Who can forget Strega Nona? And how badly do you want that magical pot (of noodles)?
There was all this hullabaloo about whether The Rainbow Fish was about socialism or how that lonely fish just gave in to peer pressure to be popular. I'm just upset the fish got uglier. Yes, I'm that shallow.
I'm sure you've read or heard Love You Forever, which is about a parent's unconditional love. Apparently, the author wrote it for his deceased children. Sad, but what a beautiful way to express those feelings.
I could go on forever, so I'll stop here...but don't forget about the Dr. Seuss and Curious George books, Guess How Much I Love You, The True Story of Three Little Pigs, Miss Nelson is Missing!, that book with the raccoons and their tea sets, and that little known story about Where the Wild Things Are.

What are your favorite children's books?

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