Friday, November 25, 2011

Lavender + Dessert

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I didn't realize what carnivores my family members are until I saw our Thanksgiving dinner. Turkey, goose, duck, chicken, pork, lobster rolls, dumplings, rice, gravy, a bit of vegetables, fruits, and ice cream...I'm still stuffed and happily so. But why ice cream, you ask? My dad insisted requested that I make some instead of the usual delicious, warm pie we have for dessert. And since I recently told him that the lavender from his garden is edible, he's been wanting a dish flavored with the purple blooms. I was a bit nervous about poisoning the fam with flowers, but the ice cream turned out okay, so I thought I would share a few pictures.
Heat the milk first and add the eggs later, but you can mix in the rest of the ingredients at different times according to different recipes.
There weren't any measuring cups so I used this mug to measure a cup.
I used Oprah's Orange Lavender Ice Cream recipe and a basic vanilla ice cream recipe for the second batch. I enjoyed the vanilla more, but if you're a fan of richer flavors, I definitely recommend trying Oprah's recipe! Ice cream isn't very hard to make, but there will always be oohs and ahhs when you present it at the dinner table.
Vanilla ♦ Orange Lavender

What did you have for Thanksgiving?


  1. its so pretty! love the flower designs in the plate as well as the real lavender! your presentations are always wonderful!

  2. Thanks Rox <3. I'll make you some next time!