Tuesday, October 4, 2011

TV Show + Party

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The only thing I love more than a party is a themed one. When everyone is game to dress up and the host goes that extra mile, the party becomes more than just another night of drinking. It becomes a memory we reminisce and laugh over even years later.

I came across a trifle today on Jane's blog and immediately wanted to eat it. My next thought, when I composed myself, was of that hilarious scene in Friends when Rachel is in charge of dessert for the first time, and everyone is too nice to say anything about the peas and beef mixed in with the custard and jam. 

For a refresher: Rachel's Dessert!
Wouldn't a Friends themed party be great if it included that trifle?

Ross could be in charge of the name tags (two for every person!).
Phoebe would bring the cups and ice. And she will bring it.
To practice our acting, we could play Charades with Joey.
And drink and drink and drink with Chandler because besides being sarcastic, awesome, and my favorite, I'm not sure what he does.
Monica would fight to be in charge of fancy food (or just pizza and chips) and coasters.
Of course, Rachel would make that infamous trifle. Or two, one savory and one sweet if you actually want people to enjoy themselves.
Decorate the walls with dorky dinosaur facts and New York paraphernalia and voila! Party time.
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"Custard, good. Jam, good. Meat...goooood."

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