Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Downtown LA + Nightlife

This past Saturday, a couple of friends and I went out to a few of Downtown LA's trendiest spots.

We first stopped at Bottega Louie for some club sandwiches and their famous macarons. If you're in the area, definitely stop by for dessert. Even though the macarons have gone up to $2 a piece, it's worth trying (over and over).
via Bottega Louie (Facebook)
The look on my friend's face when she bit into her pumpkin macaroon was priceless. I had clearly intruded on a private moment.

via The Standard (Yelp)
We then walked over to The Standard to try out the new biergarten I had mentioned previously. It's actually just a cute, sectioned-off part of their rooftop bar, and it was definitely smaller than I had imagined. The view is top notch, but the prices of the drinks here always make me want to jump off. Go early on Saturday nights or they will charge you $20 just to get in. If you've never gone, I would go at least once, if only to admire the city lights.
via The Standard (Yelp)
Edison was next on our list since we had heard it was a fancy place taken right out of the 1920s. Even though it was early, the bar area was already filled. Several tables were still empty, since there is a $50 minimum just to sit down. It had a very unique ambience, and looks like a great place to go as a group or to impress a date.
Taken in the lobby area
After a short break, we headed to Seven Grand where the bartenders can make a stiff Whiskey Sour for you. It's slightly more low-key than The Standard or Edison, but the line to get in was out the door. Inside, it was loud and very crowded. It was difficult to hold a conversation, but there are plenty of guys here ready to give it a go. I hear it's much more relaxed on a weekday.
via 213 Nightlife

Finally, on our way home, we drove by Belasco and decided to check it out since so many people were milling around. Even though it was already past 2AM, the dance floor was still packed. There are tables upstairs and also a large patio area in the back. We met acquaintances from middle school thru college. It was strange talking to so many people I hadn't seen for such a long time, but I had a lot of fun.

via Belasco Theater (Yelp)

And that was my Saturday! Whew. I'm worn out just writing this post and know there are plenty more places to hit up. Where would you recommend a friend to go on a night out in Downtown LA?

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