Friday, October 14, 2011

Friday night links + Beautiful weekend

Ready to kick back? The weekend is here ☺.

A tomato fight is happening on the 22nd at the LA County fairgrounds. Just to tide you over until you can get to Spain for the real battle. (via Thrillist Rewards)

Another fun-looking event. Has anyone been to the beer garden at the Standard in Downtown, LA yet? It seems so warm and cozy. Just to tide you over until you get to Germany. I guess. (via The Standard)

This colorful blog is participating in a giveaway! (via The Color Issue)

Remember pogs? The funniest part is the nodding. (via Completely Serious Comics)
Community is great again. And now my bathroom will always be stocked with toilet olives. Recap (via Hitflix) and review. (via TIME blog)

So relatable. What do you call your parents? (via A CUP OF JO)

I'll be the first to admit that how beautiful something is influences the decisions I make. Watch Richard Seymour explain our response to beauty in one of this week's TED talks. (via TED)

Pictures taken in Tahiti

Have a beautiful weekend.

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