Thursday, March 15, 2012

Friendship + Pacts

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A buddy and I have come up with an agreement (mentioned earlier) to slow our expanding waist-lines and keep resolutions. We have to stick to a specific exercise plan each week or be forced to pay for each missed mile. Basically, it's this pact, but without the gym and iPhone. Because finishing a gallon of ice cream is normally my kind of marathon, I've been very grateful to have such a good friend keep me on track. I find that the competition aspect as well as the idea of commitment really keeps me running. To ensure that the pact actually does what it's supposed to, we have some ground rules:
  • Our exercise plans must be completed by Sunday every week.
  • No rollovers.
  • No canceling each other out (unfortunately).
  • Find creative methods to pay each like buying lottery tickets (we're going halfsies when we win).
  • Illness is the only valid excuse we'll accept for not finishing our miles.
It's been working out pretty well so far, and I hope we stick with it for at least a year. Have a good Thursday everyone, and be careful; it's the Ides of March ☺.

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