Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Miles + Miles

I am about to embark on a law school visiting expedition. Starting from this Wednesday night, I'm heading pretty much straight from work to the airport to visit Wisconsin and will get back just in time for Monday. Following that, I plan to visit San Diego, go back to work, and then head over to Boston and New York for more law-related festivities. I'm also going to have to fit in watching The Hunger Games somewhere in all of this because you know...I've always been big on managing my priorities. It's going to be a tiring two weeks, but I'm excited to explore new places, eats lots of cheese and lobster (maybe not together), and visit/crash at my long-suffering cousins' and friends' places.
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As a result, the posts these couple of weeks might be on the skimpy side, but I'll try to write ahead of time. Focusing on Wisconsin, I'm planning on visiting the lakes, state parks and gardens, breweries and pubs, local shops, dairy farms, and of course, the school. I hope it goes well, and I'll have lots to update you on!

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