Friday, April 27, 2012

Friday night links + A persevering weekend

via Design*Sponge
Are you wondering why I decided to post a picture of a wall, even if it is a very nice wall? It's because it happens to be hand-painted by cake-maker/business owner Ava Rostin and took over a year to complete! In case you couldn't already tell, I am very much in awe of her patience and skill.

Another example of patience: a man edits 1,000,000 Wikipedia articles for free. (via Gizmodo)

It's been awhile, but...sample sales are back! If you're in LA, eight are available for your pleasure from 9:30-5PM. That's a full day of work, so get busy. (via Racked LA)

This summer, you can join a big LA vs. SF car rally that involves exploring abandoned mine shafts and egg fights in the middle of the night. I understand the thrill of scavenger hunts, but I wouldn't volunteer my car to be egged and pelted with smoke bombs. If you have an extremely nice friend or an extremely old car, it costs $142 per carload. (via Thrillist)
Witty thank you notes from the famous. (via Mental Floss)

Love this canary yellow + violet blue combo. And drooling over those sandals. And that ring! (via Creature Comforts Blog)

Like many, I believe breakfast is good for you, but these precise percentages do make me scoff. The illustrations accompanying the statistics, however, are much too cute to ignore. (via Co.Exist)

Beautiful before + after. (via Design*Sponge)

I'll be going to more law school events (still!) this weekend and am also planning on working in some shopping. There's a beauty event going on at the cosmetics section in Bloomingdales; I have some store credit at Macy's left to spend, and I want to look for a gift for Mother's Day. I'm trying my hardest to make up for not buying that Zara dress a few of posts down...although that definitely wasn't from lack of effort. It's not available in store or online! I sense a conspiracy. Maybe.
Have a great weekend as always, everyone .

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