Friday, April 13, 2012

Friday night links + A blooming weekend

via Fancy
It's Friday already. Again.

This week, Facebook buys Instagram. (via Instagram)

Vocal fry and uptalk. It's really interestaaannnng? (via NY Times)

Snoop Dogg's upcoming book can be smoked. In other news, no one is surprised. (via Gawker)

These pictures make my mouth water. Someone make me some Korokke! (via Just One Cookbook)

There was a stylish lady on the subway who rocked some Oxfords, and I've wanted a pair ever since. (via Nordstrom)
I also want these sandals. Just because. (via Free People)

It's gloomy and dreary today, but it's definitely spring. There are cherry blossoms everywhere. I've noticed them in Wisconsin, Boston, New York, and even in smog-filled Los Angeles. I hope you've been enjoying the blooms as much as I have.
via Fancy

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