Sunday, August 19, 2012

Sunday Special + An amazing week ahead

So my best and worst suspicions are confirmed: law school is definitely an adventure. More on this later when I can be coherent about this, but I'm glad it's lazy Sunday after such an eventful week.

I have succumbed to the culture around here and got a bike to get to class! It has a cute basket for my heavy casebooks. And on the way, I saw these cool-looking domes. Davis hippies. (via Davis Wiki)

What good posture can do for you. I'm still working on mine. (via Time)

100 phone booths given a new look. (via Colossal)

35 animals and their miniatures. (via imgur)

How shark week got its start. (via Atlantic)

Chocolate goodness. I honestly bought some chocolate chip cookies after I saw these pictures. (via Creature Comforts)

Yum. Butterbeer jelly shots. (via Rock UR Party)

Some of the world's most expensive dishes. (via Business Insider)

Did you know Etsy hosts craft parties all around the world? Someone go with me! (via Etsy)

Liu Xiang is one of many great Olympic inspirations. (via Buzzfeed)

Calvin & Hobbes gifs. (via Calvin & Hobbes gifs)

Calvin & Hobbes also inspire people to come up with these interesting questions. (via reddit)

Have a good one ♥.

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