Friday, June 1, 2012

Friday night links + A royal weekend

Hello, hello! I'm back from nor-cal and will update you about the trip soon.
via Javier-carrete
Stately Sandwiches by art student Kelly Pratt. (via Stately Sandwiches)

This is useful. Youtube Time allows you to link to whichever part in the video you want. (via swiss-miss)

More paper-cut gems for your paper-cutting pleasure. (via mini-eco)

The zombie apocalypse. (via Gawker)

And also the continuing evolution of humans. (via mental floss)

Want everything on this page, except for the leather shorts. I would not be able to pull those off...especially after a long, hot day. (via wit + delight)

In the 90's, the clothing store Express had a "street slang" guide for its employees. Dialtone. (via The Awl)

Happy June 1st everyone!

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