Friday, June 22, 2012

Friday night links + An exotic weekend

via Fancy

Some women can see more colors than the rest of us. How cool is that? (via reddit)

Screening of Dirty Dancing tonight with salsa lessons. Why not. (via Dance Camera West)

LA pools to visit this summer. (via Racked LA)

Build-a-Bear idea for Charm City Cakes bakery. (via LA Eater)

These literary posters for the BART are awesome. (via Owen Smith Art)

Food designs! (via Flavorwire)

Must have this immediately. (via A CUP OF JO)

This couple waited until their wedding day to have their first kiss. That's impressive. (via A CUP OF JO)
Clothing with SPF. (via Refinery29)

Pictures that will restore your faith in humanity. (via Buzzfeed)

Have a great weekend!

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