Friday, July 13, 2012

Friday night links + A sunny weekend

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I definitely agree that changing one thing can lead to better habits all around. (via Refinery29)

Essential for ice cream cone parties. (via Oh Happy Day)

Despite recently discovering how terrible colored jeans look on me, I want a pair of these. Terribly. (via Arnsdorf)

I watched Moonrise Kingdom the other day and loved it. Like any other Wes Anderson movie, it was whimsical, witty, and visually gorgeous. It was also a bit sweeter than most of his movies and had some of my favorite actors. (via Youtube)

Speaking of fantastical movies, the trailer for Oz. (via Youtube)

I don't usually think of good service as the norm or even a necessity at a KBBQ restaurant, but Genwa had such great service that I feel obligated to point it out. (via Yelp)

Restaurant week is happening in LA for the next two weeks! (via dineLA)

And to offset that cost, freebies are happening everywhere. (via LA Times)

Happy National French Fry Day everyone. Have a great weekend!
via eatdrinkchic

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