Friday, July 27, 2012

Friday night links + An Olympic weekend

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Here is an extra long list of links accumulated over the week:

Carmadgeddon is coming back. (via LA County)

Want. (via Herschel Supply)

The challenges of making friends as adults. (via NY Times)

Breaking Bad's hairstylist. (via Chun Li's Spinning Bird Kick)

Seals are dog mermaids. (via I Raff I Ruse)

These balloon lights. (via Voltex Store)

Scientists have made artificial jellyfish from rat hearts. (via Nature)

Oops. Scientists have also doomed us all. (via Disclose)

Trailer for The Master is out. (via Youtube)

Hidden NYC subway. I love this kind of stuff. (via Fast

If I wasn't so lazy, I would try to win this. (via flavorpill)

Lenovo's CEO gives his bonus to 10,000 employees. Now I'm extra glad I just bought their laptop. (via Dailytech)

Bill Murray  Kaiser Soze is now party-crashing all over the United States. (via Super Official News)

Have a fantastic weekend! And remember the Opening Ceremony is tonight!
via Fancy

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