Friday, May 18, 2012

Friday night links + A liberating weekend

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Spring seems to be having its last hurrah with all these festivals popping up everywhere, so make sure to visit at least one before they're over! Then again, there are always summer festivals to look forward to.

In that vein, I think these braided hairstyles would be perfect for festival-goers. And everyone else. (via Refinery29)

Fancy DIY Geode bottle stoppers. (via cupcakes and cashmere)

First that spinning how-to and now a guest article on goop. Funnyman Max Greenfield is on his way up. (via goop)

Too true. (via Fuck! I'm in my 20s)

A pretty wooden blanket. (via Elisa Strozyk)

Hanako flats. (via Anthropologie)

This is interesting. A George Mason University professor encourages his students to fabricate stories about serial killers, beer, and pirates. They successfully conned people on Wikipedia, but were exposed by the almighty reddit. (via the Atlantic)

I didn't think I could ever appreciate a critique of modern art, but this explanation of Tobias Wong's work makes sense. I just thought gold made everything shinier. (via The Fox is Black)

Cannes sounds like so much fun this time of year. I wish they would stop wasting linen napkins too. (via Lainey Gossip)

Community. (via The First Chang Dynasty)

This man decided to leave the internet for a year. That's brave. (via The Verge)

The internet isn't leaving us anytime soon, however. Facebook is now valued at $100 billion. (via The Verge)

Have a great weekend .
via Fancy

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